I guess I could point Dropbox at my iCloud Drive folder and have a file that’s being edited via iCloud sharing and Dropbox at the same time. I wonder in what innovative ways that would break things?

A CPU-level security vulnerability seems like a new thing. Has something like this happened before?

Hey @apple, it’s “early 2018” #justsayin

@manton how reliable is the twitter cross-posting bot? I’m not seeing posts from josh.corduroy.biz/feed appearing on twitter.com/corduroy, though it was working 12 hours ago.
Tried turning it off and on.

…posts made this way appear:
• https://micro.blog/corduroy
• https://josh.corduroy.biz/type/status/

I’m trying something new for 2018. I signed up for micro.blog – posts to josh.corduroy.biz will appear on micro.blog/corduroy and twitter.
• takes ownership of content and images.
• makes an eventual move away from twitter easier.
• suppports a more open web.

I just bought a FTA-over-network box so I could watch TV anywhere. Now Freeview has an app that seems to do the same thing. Is it any good?

These window look, and smell, so wonderful with a fresh coat of Organ Oil.

Github wiki pro-tip: adding   inside preformatted renders the text (as you’d expect) but typing opt-SPACE actually inserts a real non-breaking space inside your preformatted text.