There have very few leaks in the lead up to WWDC this year. My prediction: ARM Mac developer preview.

I just need to make sure to make my annual prediction of ARM Macs being announced at WWDC so I finally look like a genius.

I’m terribly disappointed that AirPods aren’t an AirPlay 2 device.

The mobile app now allows me to post non-square images (thanks @manton) so now I’m back posting everything at first.

This new genre of spam, where you presumptively book a time, then repeatedly follow up, is extremely annoying and trying it on with me will immediately blacklist your product.

As one smart cookie at work said this week: companies like Sendgrid and Campaign Monitor must be really loving GDPR.

A few years ago, I took ownership of the middleware code-as-config service that defined our app’s API. It could only be modified inline. The first thing we did was add the ability to pull from a git repo. You could pull from any branch, except Production could only pull from a specific branch. Source control. Code review. Magical stuff. Come on AWS.

It’s 2018, and this is still how AWS thinks I should manage the source code for my lambda functions.
This makes me so mad.